Bible Class Schedule

Bible Class Schedule

Adult Bible Classes for 2022

January-March:  Sunday - Firming My Faith:  A Study in Apologetics; Wednesday - How to Study the Bible

April-June:  Sun - Biblical Images of God's People; Wed - Where Is My Heart?  A Look at David and Saul

July-September:  Sun - 13 Sayings of Christ; Wed - Instructions for Growth:  1, 2 Timothy & Titus

October-December:  Sun - Nature of God; Wed - Hymn Study

Young People's Bible Classes for 2022 for Sunday Mornings (Wednesdays are the same as the adults)

January-March:  Middle School - New Creatures in Christ; High School - The Scheme of Redemption Part 1

April-June:  MS - The Eternal Kingdom; HS - The Scheme of Redemption Part 2

Starting July 2022, we are beginning an in-house program designed to encourage family Bible study.  All classes for young people are covering the same sections of the Bible.  There are daily Bible readings, memory verses, and age appropriate objectives and questions for knowledge growth, discussion, and application.

July-September:  Genesis

October-December:  Exodus